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Concrete Saws are power tools used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. A concrete saw is typically powered by petrol, however hydraulic, electric and pneumatic pressure types are also available. When used with a quality diamond cutting blade, your saw will return a professional and appealing end result.

MK Diamond Australia stock a large range of saws for the concrete cutting industry.  Contact us for friendly advice on the best saw to suit your needs.

Concrete saw Melbourne

CX3 – 7hp

Walk Behind Concrete Saw Melbourne

1613H – 13hp

 2024H - 24hp Self Propelled Concrete Saw Melbourne

2024H – 24hp

Concrete Saws for sale in Melbourne

MK-3030 – 35hp

Diesel Concrete Saw in Melbourne

MK-4000 – 44hp

Melbourne Concrete SawsMK-6000 – 59hp


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