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Core Drilling & Core Drill Bits | MK Diamond Australia

Concrete Core Drilling

Mk Diamond Australia supply quality concrete core drills and core drill rigs suitable for a range of industries including concrete, tiling, masonary and construction.

We stock a comprehensive range at various prices dependant upon budget and application.


Concrete Core Drilling DM17STAND Hand Held Core Drill
DM17D Hand Drill DM17 Stand
premium hand held core drill stand
DM17 Stand Premium Drill Motor DBC-22
Drill Motor DBC-33 Drill Stand VKP 160
ETN 162 3d11 Core Drills
Drill Stand VKP 330 Eibenstock ETN 162/3


Eibenstock DBE-352d11
Eibenstock PLE 182 Eibenstock DBE 352
Eibenstock Core Drill Bits core drill rigs
Eibenstock PLE 450 B WEKA DK 16
Core Drilling Core Drills Melbourne
WEKA DK 32 Core Drill Bits
CDSVKP-350 Core Drill Core Drill Package
CDSVKP – 350 350mm Core Drill Package
Eibenstock Hand Drill
Eibenstock ETN 130/3 P


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