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Professional Diamond Blades For Concrete Cutting

Mk Diamond Australia supplies quality diamond cutting blades suitable for a range of industries including concrete, tiling, masonary and construction.

We stock a comprehensive range of blades at various prices dependant upon budget and application.


The use of diamond cutting blades in the concrete industry allows for greater precision and excellent output. Used in conjunction with the highly capable concrete saws and other machines that they are designed for, diamond blades make for a superb finish that means all parties can be satisfied with a job well done. There are many different types of blades on offer, and a member from our professional sales team will be able to advise you on the type of blade, and the machinery, you need to do a particular task.


Diamond Saw

The MK Diamond Australia Contractor range is a general purpose economy blade for use on low horse power concrete floor saws, brick saws, demolition saws, tile saws and hand tools.


Diamond Saws

The Xtreme Blade forms part of our premium range for demolition saws, low horse power concrete saws and brick saws.


Diamond blade

The BXX Blade forms part of our premium range for demolition saws, brick saws, tile saws and hand tools.

TPX Diamond Blade Series

Diamond blades

MK Diamond Products’ new TPX-40™ 7 in 1 multi-application blade is designed for maximum life and speed. A newly developed bond allows for cutting a wide variety of materials including asphalt, block, granite, brick, concrete, bluestone and pavers.

Professional Blades

diamond tile blade

This range suits the professional contractor wanting ultimate performance and value for money.

Ductile Iron Blades

diamond tiles blade

MK Diamond’s ductile iron blade’s unique electroplate coating enables it to dissipate heat – thereby eliminate the rough edge caused by cutting – as well as providing a deburring action that helps to reduce binding during cutting.

Early Entry Blades

concrete coring

Tuck Point & Crack Chasing Blades

  concrete grinder melbourne

Tile Saw Blades


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