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The use of concrete as a decorative surface is something that has come about as more innovative methods of treating the material come to the fore, and concrete grinding – a process that can create a very beautiful highly polished finish – is among the most preferred methods of finishing concrete.

Concrete grinders can also be used to level out uneven floors and to finish off untidy joins, and while it is often left to a concrete contractor to do the job the competent DIY fan can get to grips with it using a simple concrete grinding machine and tools.

MK Diamond Australia offer a comprehensive range of grinding and polishing tools including a full selection of concrete polishing pads for the concrete polishing industry.

 Concrete Grinder Melbourne  Concrete Vacuums Melbourne  Concrete Cub Grinder for sale Melbourne
 Grinders  Dust Extractors/Concrete Vacuums  Cub Grinder


Single Disc Concrete Grinder concrete scarifier Double Disc Concrete Grinder Melbourne
Single Disc Grinder SG-9 Scarifier Double Disc Concrete Grinder


Cup Wheels Melbourne


ixl shroud


Concrete Polishing Pads

Cup Wheels IXL Shroud Concrete Polishing Pads
 Concrete Grinding Shoes


concrete floor scraper

 Concrete Grinding Shoes Floor Scraper Wedge Block


concrete grinding disc


diamond grinding plugs

satellite concrete floor grinder Melbourne
 10″ Grinding Discs Diamond Grinding Plugs Satellite 480 Gen 3 Floor Grinder


Satellite 480 Gen 3 Concrete Grinder

Satellite 480 Gen 3 SP – Planetary


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