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MK-DDG Features:

  • Uses two 10- or 20 segment 10″-diameter diamond grinding discs to level, smooth or clean the top surface of concrete slabs
  • Provides a smoother finish compared to other methods such as scarifiers or scabblers
  • Counter rotating discs provide balanced torque to prevent pulling left or right
  • Can also be used to level small areas of uneven joints or high spots of 1/16 to 1/8 inch
  • A 22″ grinding width makes for quick removal
  • Wide ergonomically designed T-grip handle for easy handling and maneuvering
  • Dust shroud contains grinding debris
  • 2″ vacuum port for dust-free operation
  • Water control valve is included for wet grinding
  • Two-position wheel carriage for grinding and easy transport
  • Works on concrete slabs, terrazzo, brick and stone and ceramic tile floors

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Model MK-DDG-13 MK-DDG-11
Engine/Motor Honda (Propane) Honda (Gas)
Power GX390 GXV340
Disc RPM 550 550
Disc Capacity 10″ (254mm) 10″ (254mm)
Weight 285 lbs. (129kg) 234 lbs. (106kg)
LxWxH (inches) 50″ x 25″ x 40″ 50″ x 25″ x 40″
LxWxH (mm) 1,270 x 635 x 1016 1,270 x 635 x 1016
Part # 167406 157012


Engine power ratings are calculated by the individual engine manufacturer and the rating method may vary among engine manufacturers. MK Diamond Products makes no claim, representation or warranty as to the power rating of the engine on this equipment and disclaims any responsibility or liability of any kind whatsoever with respect to the accuracy or the engine power rating. Users are advised to consult the engine manufacturer’s owners manual and website for specific information regarding the engine power rating.

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