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Scan Combiflex 800 DSP Concrete Grinder

800dspSaves time money and environment
The concrete floor grinding and equipment manufacturer, Scanmaskin, has decided to make life easier for the contractors by developing the new Scabcombiflex 800DSP.
Scanmaskin is launching a new type of SMART floor grinding and polishing machine which the manufacturer consider being a complete innovation for the industry.

Scancombiflex 800DSP is the optimal helper. The machine guides you through the whole process.
Thanks to the new integrated computer the machine gives accurate guidance to the operator through the control panel.

With the manual option the operator recives, through sensors, feedback and warning when the tool wear is to high or when the tool is worn out.
The sensors continuously measures the wear or thickness of the tool.
With manual mode the operator choose the speed and the tools himself.

Specifications Scan Combiflex 800 DSP
 Power 11 kW
 Current 32 Amp
 Voltage 3x400V, 230V, 3-fas, 7.5kW
 Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
 Weight 380 kg
RPM  500-1100
 Grinding Width  800
 Grind Plates 3 x 240 mm


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