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Scan Combiflex 800 PROPANE Concrete Grinder


The Scan Combiflex 800 Propane (SC 800 Propane) is a robust and stable machine, designed to be operated 100% from propane, with no need for external electrical pow- er. The SC 800 Propane is great for outdoor applications where there are limited power options. With its weight and horsepower, the SC 800 Propane is a powerful and efficient machine, engineered for any application out there.

The ergonomic design allows the machine to grind and polish at higher speeds, while at the same time minimiz- ing side torque and stress on the operator. The ergonomic design also reduces vibrations for the operator, and enables the machine to produce consistent results with minimal effort.

Please not that the machine featured on this video is of an older model. We currently stock the new model machinery.

Specifications Scan Combiflex 800 Propane
Motor power 25 hP / 18,5 kW
Speed 550-960 / min
Grinding discs 3 x 9,5in / 3 x 240 mm Grinding width: 32in / 800 mm
Weight 970 lbs / 440 kg Propane tank: 20 lbs / 9 kg Water valve inlet: Standard


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