If you’re looking for the best concrete cutting saw for professional and appealing results, talk to the experts at MK Diamond Australia. Our team stocks a large range of saws for the cutting industry to meet your exact needs.

Concrete cutting saws are power tools used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. A concrete saw is typically powered by petrol; however, hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic pressure types are also available. When used with a quality diamond cutting blade, your blade will ensure expert quality, highly attractive results.

For friendly advice on the best saw to suit your needs, contact us today. We can provide you with the best concrete saw in Melbourne and across Australia.


Whether you’re looking for a concrete saw in Brisbane or you need a concrete saw in Sydney, MK Diamond Australia is the team for you.

Our specialists can provide you with a range of cutting saws around Australia, including:

  • A range of walk-behind concrete saws
  • High-quality self-propelled cutting saws
  • High-performance, high horsepower concrete saws
  • Highly accessible heavy-duty cutting saws
  • Green cut saws

Our concrete saws are compact, lightweight, reliable and manoeuvrable. We stock saws that are peeling and corrosion-resistant and available with a range of warranties.

Whether you’re looking for machines with advanced blade rotation or products with V-Twin air-cooled engines, MK Diamond Australia can provide.

Based in Melbourne but serving Australia, we can provide with a concrete saw in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and around the country.

Explore our full range of concrete cutting saws or call us today on 1300 657 296. Alternatively, you can always request a call back from our friendly and professional team. The MK Diamond Australia team would be happy to assist you.