The dust collector Scan Dust 2900 (SD 2900) is a great option for all of our smaller grinders; Scanmaskin 18, Scan Combiflex 330, Scan Combiflex 450, Scan Combiflex 450NS, Scan Combiflex 500i and Scan Combiflex 500PD.


Known for its high reliability and performance, the SD 2900 is a versatile and efficient dust collector. The unique cylindrical design functions as a pre-separator, causing heavy particulate to separate from the fine dust. This allows the heavy particles to immediately drop into the bottom of the cyclone, bypassing the filters completely, which increasing filter life and suction performance.


The SD 2900 is equipped with Jet-Pulse, an efficient system that pulses the filters in order to keep them clean. The SD 2900 uses sock filters, which can easily be washed in order to prolong filter life. There is also a main filter option; a traditional cartridge filter that could be better when e.g. working on hardwood floors. The main filter cassette can easily be changed to fit the cartridge filters. In addition the SD 2900 is equipped with four HEPA 13 filters.


The SD 2900 also takes advantage of the Longopac bagging system, which makes managing dust very easy and efficient. With the Longopac system, all dust is collected in a heavy-duty plastic bag, which can easily be disposed with minimal dust contact.

SpecificationsScan Dust 2900
Motor Power2,8 kW (4 hP)
Voltage1 x 230 V / 1 x 110 V
Current10 Amp
Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max airflow420 m3/h (14832 ft³)
Max vacuum230 mbar
Noise level65 dB(A)
Weight30 kg (66 lbs)
Hoseø 50 mm, 10 m + ø 50 mm, 10 m (ø 2in, 32ft + ø 2in, 32ft)
Nozzle450 mm (17,7in)
Main filterSock filters 0,94 m2(10,12ft2) or cartridge filter,polyester 2,4 m2(25,83ft2) >99,5% filtration
Micro filterHEPA H13, 2×0,76 m2(2×8,18ft2) >99,95% filtration
Filter cleaningsemi-automatic
Dimensions560 x 800 x 1300 mm (22 x 31,5 x 51 in)
Transportation mode1120 mm (44 in)




Optional Accessories