The Scan Dust 3600 is a very good and useful industrial vacuum cleaner entirely made of steel.


This vacuum cleaner is a good option for our SC500 and SC650. This industrial vacuum cleaner performs as best with SC500 as the combination contributes to a completely dust-free environment.


This Industrial vacuum cleaner uses the Jet-Pulse cleaning system that pulses the filters to keep them clean. This model is also equipped with a filter indicator that informs the user that it is time to clean the filter.


Scan Dust 3600 takes advantage of the Longopac bagging system, which makes managing dust very easy and efficient. With the Longopac system you will get 20m/60ft of folded plastic bag that gives you about 25 dust free changes. The Scan Dust 3600 is equipped with 3 motors with separate switches,this to limit start current but also to match the availability of fuses. The machine is safe and user-friendly and is equipped with powerful puncture-free wheels that do not leave any marks behind.


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SpecificationsScan Dust 3600
Voltage230 V 1~
Power3,6 kW
Current16 Amp
Max airflow500 m3/h
Max vacuum300 mbar
Hose10m x Ø50mm
InletØ 50mm
Primary FilterPolyester filter bag 3.6 m2 99.5%
Micro filter2.7 m2 (3×0.9 m2) 99.95%
Sound level85 dB(A)
Dimensions970 x 580 x 1370 mm
Weight90 kg
Frequency50 Hz/ 60 Hz
Filter cleansingSemi-automatic Jetpuls




Optional Accessories